Scarecrow"Throughout Jaime Manrique’s poetry a faint overtone of humor runs, permanent and subtle as the scent of saffron in the air of a kitchen in Barranquilla, the town in Colombia where he grew up. Humor as elegy, elegy as humor—which is it? Hard to say, but our luck is to have been allowed to sit next to him in the little movie-house of his memories—not least, those of his aunts dancing the mambo back in the fifties, a poem now more apt than ever to rouse a Proustian sigh, in the wake of Pérez Prado's death earlier this year."
—Alfred Corn
Cincinnati, 1989

Jaime Manrique


Bilingual edition. Hudson, NY: The Groundwater Press, 1990. Translations by Edith Grossman and Eugene Richie.