My Night With Federico García Lorca

Jaime Manrique It happened in Paris.
Pepe asked me over to dinner
to meet a guy named Federico
who was on his way to New York.
I was nineteen years old.
Federico was eleven years older
and had just finished
a relationship in Spain
with a sculptor
who had been rotten to him.
Federico only had two lovers—
he hated promiscuous queens.

We were both Gemini.
Since astrology
was very important to him,
Federico took an interest in me.

PRAISE FOR My Night With Federico García Lorca
My Night With Federico García Lorca

"...the most accomplished gay Latino writer of his generation...ferociously alive...a Spanish melody..."
The Washington Post Book World

"Memories of an ecstatic childhood—walks by the sea, 'a happy mambo,' eating deceptive tropical fruits—merge with those of recent loves in these luscious, incantatory poems."
—John Ashbery

"A poet of admirable rigor and exactitude. He's one of the most arresting Latin American writers of today, and I'm his avid reader."
—Reinaldo Arenas

"...a map of the exile of the heart and the vulnerable mind of a tender, ironic being puzzled by reality...dazling images. A poet who sings under the tropical light of memory."
El Mundo, Madrid

"A stunning book. Like Neruda, he has a careful affinity to the atmosphere and climate of the poem, its light, exposure, latitude, and heat. Always generous with language and lyricism, these poems...are breathtaking and vulnerable."
The James White Review

"The poems in My Night with Federico García Lorca burst with sensual longing for a past that could never be as sensual as in memory...scenes of his Aunts, with 'their long obsidian hairdos,' dancing the mambo in celebration of their youth, flaring their skirts, underneath which hid a curious boy."
The Village Voice


Bilingual edition. Hudson, NY: The Groundwater Press, 1995. Translations by Edith Grossman and Eugene Richie.

New expanded edition. New York: Painted Leaf Press, 1997.

1997 Lambda Book Award Finalist: Groundwater Press edition.

Madison, WI: The University of Wisconsin Press, 2003.

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